Your trusted partner for a exceptional concierge service

Discover the history and values that make Co Hôte the ideal choice for your concierge needs. Since our creation, we have been committed to offering a personalised service, where every detail counts.

A beautiful story

Each year, Co Hôte Conciergerie has demonstrated steady growth, a commitment to service excellence and a dedication to meeting the needs and expectations of its customers. Thanks to its dedicated team and passion for delivering exceptional experiences, the company continues to grow and position itself as a key player in the concierge sector in and around Montpellier and now in Gran Canaria.

In 2019, Co Hôte Conciergerie was founded with the vision of becoming a major player in the field of short-term rental concierge services. The founding team shares a common passion for offering high-end, personalised services to their customers.

Our team

Our distinctive strength lies in our ability to surround ourselves with the best resources for a comprehensive approach to second homes! We are proud to recruit talented individuals with a wide range of profiles and skills. What’s more, we’ve built up a solid network of trusted partners who are experts in their field, like the CLF network.

Thanks to our expertise and that of our partners, we can add real value to your secondary real estate assets.

Our values

At Co Hôte Conciergerie Gran Canaria, we believe in the power of collective intelligence and we’ve made the decision to put people at the heart of our business. We work together, exchange ideas and grow together. All in a caring and happy environment 🙂

To ensure our continued growth, we recruit and train staff every year from a wide range of backgrounds. What brings them together? Unlimited curiosity! We value diversity of perspectives and skills, because we believe that it is in this constant exchange that we find the inspiration and innovation we need to offer our customers exceptional services.

Our commitment

Our credo is simple: to enable every member of our team to fulfil their potential through an activity that is both innovative and useful. We firmly believe that when our people feel inspired and valued, they are able to deliver exceptional services to our customers.

By cultivating a stimulating working environment and encouraging creativity, we foster the professional and personal development of every individual in our team. We believe in the importance of combining passion and purpose, as this is how we are able to push the boundaries and deliver innovative solutions that meet the changing needs of our customers.

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